Cottages For Sale In Cambridgeshire


Cottages For Sale In Cambridgeshire

If you are looking for a cottage for sale in Cambridgeshire, or what is historically known as the County of Cambridge, then there is plenty to choose from. A county steeped in history, Cambridgeshire is home to the site populated by some of England’s earliest Neolithic settlers, an is a county in which archaeological digs have unearthed some fascinating finds from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. If you have a passion for archaeology, then Isleham is the perfect place to seek a cottage for sale in Cambridgeshire. If you have a family and educational provision is a consideration for you, then seeking a cottage for sale in Cambridgeshire should be relatively stress free since there are over 240 state schools in the area and around ten private or independent schools. Cambridgeshire is also of course the home of the prestigious Cambridge University, but is also home to a range of other higher educational institutions such as the Anglia Ruskin University and is the base of the Open University. If you are seeking a cottage for sale in Cambridgeshire in an historic city, then one of the locations that you could consider is Cambridge, though you could also find a property in a variety of areas such as Huntingdon, Burwell, Littleport or March, to name just a few.

Buying Cottages In Cambridgeshire

When buying cottages in Cambridgeshire, you must consider what you want the most from your property. If you acquired a property in a city such as Cambridge, you would have easy access to a wide range of cultural attractions such as historic buildings, theatres, museums, plus amenities such as shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. This might mean settling for a property that is less spacious, but which has a cosmopolitan feel to it. Alternatively, when buying cottages in Cambridgeshire, you might be looking for a larger living area, with a bright and lofty living area suitable for a large family, which is more likely to be outside the city.

Cottages For Rent In Cambridgeshire

Cottages for rent in Cambridgeshire can be found in all shapes and sizes. You could easily find a property that is suitable for single occupancy, with a kitchen diner, compact living area which is practical in the heart of the city centre. Alternatively, you could find cottages for rent in Cambridgeshire in more leafy picturesque areas with more of a traditional feel, with exposed beams and traditional features.

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