Cottages For Sale In Devon


Cottages For Sale In Devon

For anyone who is looking for cottages in Devon, there are many exciting possibilities. Devon, which is sometimes made reference to as Devonshire can be found in the south west of England, and the other counties that are surrounding it are Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. The name comes from the Celtic language and is thought to be a reference to either to a god that people worshiped at the time, or a reference to the landscape. Looking for a cottage for sale in Devon will lead you over many beautiful landscapes, and through many quaint towns and villages in your search for the perfect property.

One place in which you could begin your search for a cottage for sale in Devon is Exeter. It is the principal town in the area and it has all of the facilities that you would expect in such a place, with an excellent shopping area, many restaurants and cafes and a range of historic buildings. The centre piece though has to be the cathedral, which is certainly worth a visit during your search for a cottage for sale in Devon, or the local library in which you can find lots of information about the local area.

Buying Cottages In Devon

When buying cottages in Devon, the first consideration is whether you want your property to be in a large built up area such as Exeter, from where you can find easy access to all of the local amenities, and have the convenience of easy access to the motorway network which you may need to commute to work. It is possible to find properties with an extensive amount of space, with multiple bedrooms, one of which could easily be used as an office. When buying houses in Devon, you may wish to look for a property with a conservatory, which will give you more living space, and be pleasant during the summer months.

Cottages For Rent In Devon

When looking for cottages for rent in Devon, you can easily find a diverse range of property, from snug little properties tucked away in leafy, peaceful locations which are two up, two down with a bathroom, to more spacious houses with a dining room and utility room. When you are seeking cottages for rent in Devon, you may look for a property which has made use of the loft, as this will add valuable space to the house.

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