Cottages For Sale in Wales


Cottages For Sale in Dyfed, Wales

For those looking to make an investment in property and are looking for a cottage for sale in Wales, there are many attractive dwellings available on the market. The county was formed in the seventies and the name is thought to come from the Irish people known as the Deisi who settled in the region which is now Pembrokeshire. The administrative counties of Cardiganshire, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire are within the Welsh county now.

A search for a cottage for sale in Dyfed, Wales, will take you over many landscapes, some urban and some rural. One of the towns in which you could begin your search for a cottage for sale in Dyfed might take you to Carmarthen, and one of the claims to fame of this town is that it is said to be one of the oldest towns in Wales. If you have a passion for architecture, then this is the place to be, since there are a few historic buildings in the town, plus a magnificent castle which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Pembroke is another attractive little town in which you could begin your search for a cottage for sale in Dyfed, and there you can find many traditional style buildings, narrow streets with shops and tea rooms and of course, the centre piece which is the castle.

Buying Cottages In Dyfed, Wales

When buying cottages in Dyfed, you might want to consider purchasing in a sea side town such as Tenby, which is not only pretty and picturesque, but also has a relatively good tourist trade. Then, your property has potential as a holiday letting. In this case, when buying cottages in Dyfed you will probably want a property with at least three bedrooms, and to save money in the long run, a refurbished kitchen and new bathroom would be beneficial if you are to attract holiday makers.

Cottages For Rent In Dyfed, Wales

When looking for cottages for rent in Dyfed, you will be looking for a property that is in good condition. Most landlords, as a matter of course, re-carpet and decorate properties once a tenant moves out. Also when looking for cottages for rent in Dyfed, it would be a good idea to check out the heating system. Gas central heating is preferable, since electric systems can be costly to run and it is possible to run up large utility bills, which you would want to avoid.

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