The UK has thousands of classic cottages to rent.

Classic Cottages

If you are living on a tight budget but cannot resist a weekend break, you can certainly look at low-cost classic cottages. There are always affordable cottages to rent for everyone these days and even if money does restrict you, you will be able to budget carefully and grab those few days away.

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Renting a UK country cottage

Country Cottages

There will always be times when it is necessary to travel away from home in order to enjoy new landscapes. Country cottages are an extremely popular way of enjoying a holiday in a peaceful countryside home. If you book a country cottage you will be able to experience a tranquil atmosphere at a realistic price.

Seaside cottages are super holiday rentals for those who love coastal holiday homes.

Coastal Cottages

Coastal Cottages Everyone loves the seaside and even on grey days the beauty of the waves crashing against the breakwaters will never fail to impress. One day in the future, you ...
Image showing a self catering cottage in the UK

Self Catering Cottages

Self Catering Cottages There are plenty of bookable self catering cottages available and there is nothing more convenient than being able to choose when and where you wish to eat. The ...
The UK is full of unique country cottages

Unique Cottages

Unique Cottages There are so many unique cottages throughout the country that we can all take advantage of if we are looking at renting somewhere to stay. If you have transport, ...
Find and book self catering cottages in Scotland

Holiday Cottages Scotland

Holiday Cottages Scotland Once the travel bug gets in you and you want to go exploring, you will want to be looking at holiday cottages Scotland. If you are looking to ...

Country Cottages

Country cottages are by far and away the most popular form of cottage property in the UK. When you think of a cottage it's probably one located in the countryside ...


Cottages are not unique to Britain but play a huge part of the British way of life. Many of us grew up in a cottage and although the cities in ...
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UK Cottage Property

Cottage Property is a UK property website that not only lists cottages for sale in the UK, but also provides helpful articles and advice. In a world of high-rise buildings, grey ...

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