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Derelict Property and Empty Houses

Derelict Properties For Sale

Everyone who loves cottages dreams of buying a beautiful country cottage, but have you considered renovating a derelict property for sale? Buying an empty property is a great way to save money and also turn a ruined property such as a derelict cottage into your perfect family home. Lets take a closer look at buying and renovating a derelict house.

Should you buy a derelict property?

The best advice here is ‘you know best’, but think before you leap. Yes, it’s true to say that many people have turned empty or completely derelict properties into lovely houses, but sometimes with a lot of work and often much heartache. Its a huge step to take on a major house renovation so before you even start looking for your ideal house make sure this really is what you want to do. Once you buy the house or ruin, such as farm buildings or perhaps an empty barn conversion, you are only on rung one of the ladder. There is a long road ahead for budding renovators and the following items are just some of the things you’ll need.


Derelict Property – Planning Permission

Just because you find your ideal derelict property it does not mean you will automatically get the planning permission you need to renovate it. Look into this carefully as there have been many cases around the UK where honest buyers have bought what they thought would be a wonderful building project only to discover the cannot obtain the planning permission to proceed. What then? Well basically you are stuck with the ruined building you have bought, and you quickly move from being a buyer to a seller. The best idea is to have an informal discussion with your local planning department or officer before you purchase any derelict property. Normally the planning department is very helpful and can give you a general indication of whether an application would be considered. Perhaps something you are unaware of will obstruct your house building plans, such as a new national park, a listed building or simply a block on such property developments in your area.

Renovating A Derelict Property

Assuming you have come across the perfect empty property for your renovation project there is a whole list of things you will need to consider before you even start. These include a budget, a contingency budget for emergencies, reliable builders and tradesmen, materials, perhaps a project manager to oversee your house renovation and utility connections. There is a lot to renovating empty houses, so do your research first and make sure its the kind of project you wish to take on.

Choosing A Derelict Property

There are so many derelict properties for sale in the UK it can be difficult to know where to start. First of all focus on the part of the country you are really interested in, on’t just buy a ruined house because it seems like a bargain. Do you really want to live there? It might sound like an obvious question but the last thing you want is to put all that work into renovating your property to discover you don’t even like the area. If you do find the perfect derelict building or empty barn ready for conversion, continue to do your homework. Find about about the area, your neighbours, road access and local facilities. Finding the right derelict property for sale can be a minefield but if you look into things property there is a huge amount of empty houses to choose from, from ruined cottages to rural properties in need of renovation. You could also research your local area for any unclaimed properties that may be available.

Keep checking the property news section for lots more information about buying, renovating and converting derelict and empty buildings. We will shortly have lots of articles written by professionals to help you find your ideal home!

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